De winnaar van de WOSA Sommelier Cup is bekend!

De winnaar van de WOSA Sommelier Cup is bekend!

Enkele maanden geleden begon het voor de Nederlandse Zuid-Afrika wijnspecialisten in the Grand in Amsterdam! Onder toeziend oog van Sara Channell deden ze mee aan de semi-finals van de WOSA Sommelier Cup! Zowel Belgische als Nederlandse sommeliers traden aan en Smaak van Wijn aanschouwde hun ijver en proeverij!
De eerste plaats voor de Nederlandse deelnemers ging naar Jasper van den Hoogen, de eerste plaats voor  België ging naar Joachim Bauwens.

Uiteindelijk vlogen 12 Zuid-Afrika wijnspecialisten  de wereld over om de eindstrijd aan te gaan. En dit is het resultaat. Vers van de WOSA Pers.

“Predhomme of Canada has won the 2013 Wines of South Africa (WOSA) Sommelier Cup. He achieved the top score in a closely fought challenge involving 12 international contestants who were rigorously tested to assess their knowledge of South African wine in a detailed multi-part theoretical, practical and service exam.

Although not yet widely employed in South Africa, professionally trained sommeliers in Europe and North America are in some cases accorded celebrity status. They are considered an influential gateway to the high end of the wine market. Their opinions carry great weight and they are assiduously courted by winemakers.

They serve as wine stewards, who procure wines for their fine-dining establishments, compile restaurant wine lists and recommend wines to pair with foods. Some even make their own boutique-label wines that are highly sought after by wine connoisseurs.

The 12 Sommelier Cup contestants were flown to South Africa after scoring the highest results in their home countries, when they were tested on their service capabilities and knowledge of South African wine. All full-time professional specialists in wine service, they arrived at the Cape earlier this week for first-hand exposure to the best of local wine and dining culture and to meet some of the country’s top winemakers.

The first runner up is Morgan Harris from the US and second runner-up was Anna Sviridenko from Russiand.”

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