Innovation by the glass!

Logo Fetzer_CrimsonQuartzIn Amerika kan het nu: Pinot grigio, California Cabernet Sauvignon en Chardonnay  van het wijnhuis Fetzer worden nu verkocht in een  bijzondere outfit! . Wanneer komt het naar Europa?

“Buy me some pinot and Cracker Jack! Pinot grigio, California merlot, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay are now sold in sealed single-serve plastic goblets. Next month, Zipz, the company behind this new format, will introduce them at baseball stadiums, including Citi Field (hear that, Mets fans?), and at wine shops”

Zipz, an innovative new wine company, has developed and trademarked a new single-serve wine glass and has partnered with Fetzer to bring this cutting-edge product to consumers nationwide. Fetzer is elated about the partnership as they have just released a fresh new line of premium wines, Crimson Red Blend and Quartz White Blend–wines that are smooth, sociable, well-blended and slightly non-traditional –the ideal wine to pair with Zipz.

Moreover, the partnership between Fetzer and Zipz is unrivaled as both companies are actively committed to forward-thinking. “Both companies have made a significant commitment to the partnership. Zipz has invested in a new, state of the art production line at our winery in Hopland that will exclusively produce wines in the Zipz glass,” said Rodrigo Maturana, Global Brand Director for Fetzer. “Fetzer Crimson and Quartz will be the first wine release in the partnership, followed by other wines under the Zipz brand– it’s a partnership we couldn’t be happier with,” continued Maturana.

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