Rond in de mond!

Wel of geen hout in de Champagne? Geen hout toch in de Champagne?

How things change. Twenty years on, it’s reckoned that about 100 Champagne producers use oak in one form or other: to ferment the wine, partially or fully, to age the reserve wines or, easily forgotten, when making the wine for the dosage – a crucial skill.

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Schroefdop of toch maar kurk?

So it was a bit of a risk for Amorim, one of the main cork suppliers to the SA wine industry, to invite me to Portugal to go and check out cork production and see what was going on. A tweet from a vehement screwcap fan warned me not to get brainwashed by these Porras and their convincing cork talk, but instead of returning full of hatred for screwcaps and fanatical support for corks, what has happened is that I realize that I have been clinging to outdated prejudices and information and in fact, a lot of what I thought I knew about cork is now untrue. So, without jumping on any kind of propaganda bandwagon, here are a few things that surprised and intrigued me. Perhaps they will you too.


Social Media spint langzamer zeker haar web ‘all over the world’!

In new guidelines, the federal government declared that sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are essentially new forms of advertising. As a result, companies selling adult beverages on those sites are subject to advertising rules, according to regulators.

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De Aldi mag dan de beste Champagne verkopen :). Dom Perignon 2004 vond toch een grote aftrek.

London’s wine merchants were delighted on Thursday morning to get a preview of Dom Perignon 2004 – as one said, ‘Finally, something we can sell’ after the lacklustre Bordeaux en primeur campaign.

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‘t Ja, het valt niet meer te ontkennen, Griekse wijnen zitten kwalitatief in de lift! Maar je moet wel weten wat je koopt!

The white wine grapes of Greece — with names like moschofilero, roditis and assyrtiko — sound a bit scary, like alien beings. But I think of them as the constituents of a parallel universe in which crowds of people embrace these wonderfully refreshing, intriguing whites, rather than default to generic summer white wines like pinot grigio. I imagine this for the assyrtiko, especially.

pijlBron: NY times

La Motte, wines of Southe Africa

The Blushing Bride, a rare white or pink flower with silky, pointy petals, is somewhat of a legend in the Franschhoek Valley. The story goes that it was discovered in the surrounding mountains in 1773 and came by its romantic name from its use in a rather romantic tradition.

A French Huguenot farmer who was in love would wear this flower in his lapel when he decided to propose to the girl he fancied. The pinker the flower, the more serious his intentions were, causing the bride-to-be to blush at the sight of the flower. Het ilijkt een sprookje, het verhaal gaat….

Maar lees hier wat ‘La Motte’ voor als wijnbedrijf aan de wijntoeristen laat zien  hoe je met ‘duurzaamheid’ om kunt gaan op een wijnbedrijf. Geen sprookjes dus!