Rootstock, the Sustainable and Artisan Wine Festival

IMG_4199Ook in Australië is men steeds meer bezig met biologisch, natuurlijk en / biodynamisch op het land en in de (wijn) fles. Afgelopen zondag organiseerden wijnjournalist Mike Bennie, Giorgio De Maria van de Sydney wine bar 121 B.C., James Hird van The Wine Library en Matt Young and Linda Wiss van Black Market Sake het “Rootstock, the Sustainable and Artisan Wine Festival”! Meer dan 500 gasten stonden in de rij om naar binnen te mogen.

Naast biologische en biodynamische wijnmakers waren er maar liefst 46 wijnmakers die ‘Vin Natur’ maken. De meeste  uit Australië en Nieuw Zeeland, maar ook een handjevol uit Italië en Slovenië.

Christina Pickard van Drinkbusiness sprak met Mike Bennie en noteerde o.a. het volgende:

The reach has been much larger than we expected. The extraordinary show of support from people far and wide for Rootstock has been heart-warming and reaffirming.

We received between 600-700 tweets on Sunday alone mentioning us and the feedback has been extremely positive and enthusiastic, and even dramatic. We had high profile people in the wine industry who were previously very public naysayers change their views totally about natural wines after visiting the fair.”

Food writer Jill Dupleix said of Rootstock, “An instant major player in global wine and food conversation. Great energy, fresh ideas, small, local, and no bullshit.”

And while many members of the Australian wine trade travelled from the far reaches of the country to attend the festival, the majority of tasters were consumers.

“There were a lot of people there who were new to these wines,” says Bennie.

“And they went away with an initial impression of what we originally set out to achieve, which was a global conversation about wine and produce. A lot of people there came with an interest in food provenance but not wine. Not a lot of people get the opportunity to taste wines like this, which are so reflective of the winemaker and site. So there was a lot of exploration which is exactly what we were hoping for.”