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spierJa, wij waren de afgelopen zomer ook van die ‘toeristen’ die Spier bezochten.  En er van genoten. Want behalve de proeverijen, het wijnhuis, de wijngaarden was er ook voor de kinderen heel veel te zien. De vogelshow op het terrein. het  cheetahdomein  verderop in de Paardenvallei, de kunstverzameling. Dat alles maakt een bezoek echt heel erg de moeite waard.
07 March 2013  by Shante Hutton, wine.co.za

“I may have found my new home at Spier where history, art and sustainability are combined.

I will be the first to admit that I have overlooked Spier in the past. It was always densely populated by IMG_4058tourists so I stayed away thinking that it didn’t have anything to offer me as a SA resident. I love being corrected.Invited to experience Spier in a renewed way, we arrived at the Spier Hotel on the Saturday with itinerary in hand and camera at the ready.

Spier is all about the figure 8 and by that I mean the sign of infinity. The concept that we should all be living in a cycle that benefits society and the planet; everything is intrinsically connected.

The hotel is bedecked in art work from local artists and it is vibrant and pulsating with color and textures. “Why look abroad for art when we have such a wealth of it here” commented Annebelle Schreuders, Spier’s marketing director. Art and Spier go hand-in-hand and Spier Arts Academy encourages employment-based training which enables students to ‘jumpstart their creative careers and run their own successful enterprises”. Merging both wine and art together brings us the Creative Block wine range, based on the Creative Block art project which sees artists covering a 18 x 18cm blank block however they choose as part of a contemporary art collection. These blocks are then sold for R1200 with collectors able to purchase and then construct and arrange these blocks to produce their own personal finished pieces.

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