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This year 25 years ago the first issue of Perswijn Magazine was published. A milestone that can’t go unnoticed. All throughout 2013, the anniversary will be celebrated and marked in the magazine, website and at events.

25 years

The very first issue of Perswijn was printed on April 23, 1988. Since then the appearance of the magazine underwent several makeovers, but little was changed in its content. The magazine continues to offer independently written and informative articles for wine aficionados. The first issue of Perswijn in 2013 will look back at how it was in 1988 and how Perswijn grew to be the number 1 wine magazine in the Netherlands. In all other issues of 2013 the anniversary will be addressed with articles and retrospectives about 25 years of wine history in the Netherlands and abroad. Regulars to Perswijns big wine tasting events should mark May 26th in their schedules. The Perswijn Zomerproeverij (Summer Wines) will be about Perswijns 25th anniversary.

WI bij Perswijn proeverij Rien

Zomerproeverij (Summer Wines)

Sunday May 26th, the Mövenpick Hotel on the banks of the IJ River in Amsterdam will host the second edition of Perswijns Zomerproeverij. To highlight 25 years of Perswijn, the number 25 and the year 1988 will play an important role this day. But as usual, more than thirty wine importers, domains and countries will be represented. And above all a variety of special, surprising and remarkable wines will take the main stage. The event will have several themes:

Cool rouge
Sensual whites
Jubilee bubbles
Dinner rosé’s

Winterproeverij (Winter Wines)

The date for the Winterproeverij (Winter Wines) is set already too. This will take place Sunday the 27th, and Monday the 28th of October in Castle de Wittenburg in Wassenaar. After the success of last year’s event, we decided to use the same venue. Themes are yet to be decided and we welcome all suggestions! This event will also address the anniversary. Furthermore the winners of the Wijnwinkelwedstrijd en Wijnwebwinkelwedstrijd (Wine Store and Wine Web Store competitions) will be announced here.

Keep a close watch on for more information about these events and other news about Perswijn and its 25th anniversary, or ask the mentioned below for more information.