Trips voor wijn en vaderland

pugila zeeIn het steeds populairder wordende Puglia (de hak van de Italiaanse laars) geven kookboekenschrijfster Jolande Burg en culinair fotograaf Erik Spaans in 2013 weer een aantal inspirerende vegetarische kook workshops. De locatie is hun romantische achttiende-eeuwse villa te midden van eeuwenoude olijfbomen, waar in twee weekenddagen door Jolande de fijne kneepjes van de Italiaans vegetarische keuken worden uitgelegd.Bron: Smaak van Italië

Rioja is a beautiful place to visit. Located in Spain’s northeast, it is a large appellation but one of the country’s smallest provinces, a long valley that stretches from the wet Atlantic climate of the Basque country’s green mountains to the more-Mediterranean, dusty plains of Aragon to the southeast. Rioja is a year-round destination, with a pleasant climate, but the best months to visit are April, May, September and October. bron: WineSpectator vatenkelder

Venetian cuisine are slightly different from the other Italian cuisines, an additional reason to choose a private guided tour to Venice and its tasty menus. This difference derives from the ingredients like spices, brought over from the Far East, fish and pasta, in fact every year many travellers came here looking for the best restaurants and wine bars.The exclusive experience offered by DragonFly includes also a visit to a private Venetian residence, where is possible to satisfy all the curiosities about food, wine and rituals talking with an expert of local traditions, recipes and Republic_of_Venice_1796customs. Discover Venice during Spring it’s a good idea, take advantage of the mild climate and taste the true essence of this magic location. bron: Lover of creating flavours!